These insane Sci-Fi weapons actually exist!!

These insane Sci-Fi weapons actually exist!!

Well Il be blown!

These insane Sci-Fi weapons actually exist!!

scifi weapons

Find out which ones by clicking here:

Lot of super heroes and villains have super powers some are natural like superman and some are from accidents like The Incredible Hulk, The Flash and Wolverine. They were not natural powers (though you could argue that Wolverine was originally a mutant before he got his metal skeleton upgrade).  But some heroes do not have super power, they may be strong, fast, quick witted but these alone serve as there tools for winning the villains, they help yes but ultimately they rely on the scifi weapons.  We see Batman has lots of weapons state of the art, also Green Arrow and Iron Man.  Iron Man probably a really good example of someone who really needs hi scifi weapons to be a real super hero

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