Wonder Woman Girl Power

Wonder Woman Girl Power

Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman Movie

Check out this funny gif based on the action film Batman v Superman 2016.

Wonder Woman Batman v Superman


Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot only appears in costume as the super hero in the last action packed fight scene on the movie, but her entrance is awesome!  She saves Batman last minute just when you think he has had it from Doomsday.  The music, her looks and the entry just make it unforgettable.  Really well done by Gal.  She uses her super strength and powers to help Superman and Batman fight and defeat Doomsday.  Without her help Doomsday probably would have killed both Batman and Superman or done a lot more damage before he was taken down.

But did she show up the boys?

Well now she is getting her own spin off movie so we will learn alot more about her and see what she is really capable of.  Maybe the boys have found a top new colleague regardless of her gender.  But it was something different to see the main super hero being saved by a female character?  The knight (in shining armour) who came to the rescue should have been Batman but it wasn’t it was Wonder Woman…Girl Power..

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