Gravity Movie Short Review

Gravity Movie Short Review

Gravity Movie Review

I heard a lot of good reviews of this movie and yes it won awards.  I am a fan of Clooney movies but not so much one of Sandra Bullock.

The movie is somewhere between a movie like one of those state of the art documentaries.  As a lot of the movie focuses on trying to get you to soak up and be amazed at the view, the cgi and the movement.  Spinning camera angles alongside spinning debris and shuttles…you want to know where the astronaults are so have to balance admiring the scenery and trying to find the actors…

Its like watching ballet in space in some scenes, in others you are almost holding on to your seat and really hoping she manages to grab onto something as she crashes into the station.  If she doesnt she would float of into space and we would be left with a short and sad ending. Would something like this really be possible in real life I ask?

The lead role played by Sandra is not one of her most demanding parts in terms of acting though it would have been really hard work working with the CGI and making us believe she was really in space.  In that she does a good job.

Would have liked to have seen bit more of a storyline and character build up and depth.

We see many disaster in space movies but in those we go lot more in depth with the characters and have sub plots.  In this its just about survival of one astronault and the focus id say is about the big view, the ambience and the scale of the space.

Clooney shouldnt have been taken off so early would have been good to see him and sandra overcoming more obstacles.  For example they could have kept him on screen till the last minute and then he decides to let sandra enter the landing pod on her own due to some restriction on air or resources etc…

Gravity Movie Sandra Bullock

But yes a kind of happy ending with Sandra landing safely but not so happy for all the other astronaults.  Would have been to know what happened to Clooney,  Maybe would have been good to finish the movie off with a scene showing Clooney passing out with a smile floating off in space as he gets a feeling that Sandra landed on Earth safely.

Gravity Movie Geroge Clooney


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