Do you need travel insurance

Do you need travel insurance

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Need travel insurance


I use to travel and never even considered travel insurance.  Why do I need it, will it be used?

When it is not compulsory like car insurance then we think is it worth it.  But when we go abroad we don’t know what’s going to happen, we are less safe as we don’t know the country, we might eat something really bad for use or have an accident in which case are you protected.  I have been in situations where I needed hospital help but then we had to pay privately, luckily it was cheap country due to currency but what if you were in USA or expensive country or needed urgent serious treatments, how would you cope!

The beauty is that to get a decent level or cover from an insurer it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.  I have picked up two travel insurance policies for a round trip to a European country for less than £10 and if you look into what is covers you and what it will payout its an absolute bargain and worth every penny for the peace of mind.

Also don’t forget you can also use some policies to cover you for cancelled flights.  But not all insurers offer this.  Make sure you always check the small print before you buy the cover.   The price will vary on things like existing medical conditions and where you are going, sometimes your age and gender may affect the premium.  but once you find the right company for you you can usually just stick with them as you will find they offer the best prices every time!

So taking this into consideration why not be on the safe side and invest in protecting yourself when travelling abroad.

I ten to use as the site is clear and well laid out, I can easily find the right insurance for me and my partner:

I did a basic search and found lots of other sites offering comparisons and information see here.

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