Star Trek Discovery Netflix Season 1

Star Trek Discovery Netflix Season 1

Star Trek Discovery

Netflix Season 1 2018

Well I thought I had grown out of watching Star Trek, done all the Beam me out jokes and used up the famous phrases, but they’ve hit us with another series/version.

Star Trek Discovery

Its not the first time we have seen Star Trek with female actors in the lead roles like captain, but in Star Trek Discovery it is female driven in alot of the main plots.  We start off with a female captain Phillipa, with the main actress playing Michael Burnham as a key member of the crew.

Star Trek Discovery

We have a female Klingon who is present is most of the episodes, a female Admiral of Star Fleet and then main villain in most of the latter half of the season in the parallel universe is a female emperor.  The Discovery in the parallel universe then also being captained by another female character Tilly.

Star Trek Discovery

But hey not being sexist just stating the facts.

I was surprised to see a vulcan not being a member of the main crew.  Although ‘Sarek’ who plays Michael’s father and is present in a lot of the episodes is a Vulcan.

Unlike the previous Star Treks the episodes follow on from one another like a Season of your favourite scifi show like Heroes.  Normally the ship travels to a new area, meet some new aliens, have some problems, they sort them out then next episode its a new area and new aliens.  You could watch different episodes at different times with no problems.  But with Star Trek Discovery you really need to watch the show from the start one episode after another.  It is progressive and if you miss one episode you will not know what is going on.

Star Trek Discovery

Right from the start you can see that the show is well edited and acted.  Lavish scenery and amazing CGI makes this stand out from other Star Trek shows.  Leaves little to the imagination and makes use of todays special effects technology.

You will see some crazy stuff. A ship jumping threw space powered by fungal spores!  That needs a giant animal to navigate it!?  Like having a hamster powering a car..  Later they figure out a way to use a human.  Fungal spores and human body allows them to jump threw space and time, if thats not crazy what is.  But you just got to overlook that as the show is full of surprises and action.

This time we dont have an Android like ‘Data’ as a member of the main crew, though there are some present i guess.  The show revolves more around the character of Michael Burnham rather than the captains.  She plays a orphaned human raised and trained by a Vulcan who is very skilled and creative, she often is the key figure involved in ‘sorting out’ the problem.

A real unexpected twist for me in the show was finding out Captain Lorca was actually from the alternate universe where he was a wanted fugitve and against the emperor.  This then changes a lot of things but Michael manges to ‘save the day’.

I would have liked to see a few more Alien species interacting with Discovery and not just about war with Klingons.  Is it just me or does it seem like there are no muslim characters?

Even if you are not really a Star Trek fan id say this more modern and improved show will appeal to sci  fi fans of all ages.

Heres a trailer for Season 1:

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