Exsonite Intelligent Power Cable for Fire TV Stick

Exsonite Intelligent Power Cable for Fire TV Stick

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Advanced Powering Technology for Your Fire TV Stick

Delivers the optimal amount of power required for your Fire TV Stick to stream movies or play video games. The problem with most power cables is that when plugged directly into TV USB ports, the Fire TV Stick doesn’t get the amount of power needed and will restart occasionally due to lack of power. This intelligent power cable will manage the unique power requirements of the Fire TV Stick to ensure that it gets the amount of power required to run optimally.

Remove Clutter

Keep the TV area clean by removing the clutter of cords.

Save Power Outlet

This Exsonite intelligent power cable works enables you to save a power outlet by plugging the cable directly into your TV’s USB port rather than using the AC charger that’s provided with the Fire TV Stick.

Works with Most TV USB Ports

The Exsonite intelligent power cable with most TV USB ports so long as the TV USB port has at least 460mA.


Exsonite is the smart electronics division of Exinoz

Intelligent Power Cable Designed to Power Your Fire TV Stick Directly From Your TV’s USB Port
Works with most TV USB Ports, even with older TVs that have at least 460mA power in the TV USB port
Ideal USB Cable Length for Clean and Simple Solution
Get Rid of the AC Charger and Save an Outlet
NOTE: Does not include Fire TV Stick


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