How to best Remove the Background from your Video Clips

How to best Remove the Background from your Video Clips

If you have a video where you want to remove the background and replace with transparent or single colour like green or a pattern you can hire Rizbit.

Video must be max 5 minutes long or less.

Why remove the background?

  • Make a cool video effect
  • Remove unwanted or clashing background
  • Make it look more professional
  • Impress your friends
  • Make a promotion video

Replace background example:

Get started today…

Just send us the video and we can discuss what you need removing.

We will only accept the video if it has a more or less defined background, if in doubt please show us the video before purchase.

You can remove the background and replace it with:

  • A plain colour
  • Transparent space
  • Animation
  • Image
  • Video
  • Green Screen

We will process and render the video and send you the gif or mp4 file as your choice.

This is a new offer for 2020 and we look forward to your next order with us.

You can buy it online using peopleperhour where you pay via Escrow so your payment is kept safe until you approve the delivery!

Check it out here:

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