Tech’s role in tracking, testing and treating COVID-19

Tech’s role in tracking, testing and treating COVID-19

In terms of COVID-19, we are viewing another rise in chatbot helpers, digital epidemiology tools, HER guidance tools and quick-response test kits.

Read on for a list of how governments, health organizations and digital health vendors are using technology to take the COVID-19 issue:

Tech monsters tackle COVID-19 together

Google and Apple announced plans to release APIs that will permit interoperability between Android and iOS products by way of official applications from public health authorities. The firms said these applications will be accessible for consumers to download from the Google Play Store and iOS starting in May.

In the longer term, the two firms have also committed to building a Bluetooth-based contact tracing feature into their underlying operating systems. The firms said that this technique will be designed as an opt-in feature, but would open the door for more participants and stronger data integration with health applications and governments public health initiatives.

Google releases GPS mobility reports

Google also launched an open internet resource that shows local-tracking data from mobile gadgets to share big-scale mobility and behavior trends.

The end outcomes are downloadable Community Mobile Reports that highlight movement-trend differences at state, country or regional levels. These usually reflect mobility data from 2 or 3 days prior, according to the firm, and never show absolute visit numbers.

Chatbot help

Jefferson health system started collaboration with Lifelink to release the formers chatbot across the providers 14 Philadelphia places.  The Chatbot uses machine learning and Al to help pre-screen for COVID 19 symptoms. Patients can also use the bot to support figure out the best path for their treatment.

Digital-payment firm Al-powered and Flywire chatbot are joining forces on a latest COVID19 chatbot that will let patients tap into information about the virus. The latest tool is customizable for healthcare providers and can help access cronavirus risk in patients.

Birth control app turns to Coronavirus

Birth Control application Natural Cycle is now looking to address the COVID-19 crisis with a latest symptom tracker. Users of the application can enter their symptoms and then share them with their healthcare provider. The app permits users to enter a negative or positive coronavirus test.

Speedy testing

Everlywell announced that it is working to develop a take-home COVID-19 test that will be accessible soon. The firm said it plans to provide test at cost, with no profit to the firm. The test will permit users to get samples at home and then ship their sample to a lab.

The test results will be accessible within three to five days online. The home test kit will contain an overnight delivery label, a telemedicine consultation for those with right outcomes and the disease-sample collecting kit.

Drones for surveillance

Bloomberg News reported that the Chinese administration is using drones to make sure that its citizens are following public health safety guidelines. The drones, which come with loudspeaker function, will zero in on individuals who are following advises, and an operator will give them instructions such as “put on a mask” or “go inside”.

drones and robots against corona virus

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