The Flash Season 2 Episode 15

The Flash Season 2 Episode 15

King Shark is out to kill again with his big Jaws…

The Flash Breaches

Caitlin seems to be unlucky when it comes to men, maybe she is jinxed, maybe thats her involuntary power..Jinxster.

With all the breaches closed are they really all safe from Zoom and how will Harrison and Jesse fit into life on Earth 1 knowing they cant go back now?

With Vibe now knowing that his powers are just at their basic stage, will he now seek to find out how to develop them further and in so doing will he become evil, egotistic?

King Shark in Flash

King Shark is back but Im not sure how he was captured and trapped in the aquarium, maybe I missed that episode or scene?  Also how clumsy were the soldiers to power down the only thing trapping the shark,without being 100% sure that it was safe?

Barry is also acting withdrawn and distant, maybe he is thinking about the other masked prisoner in Zoom’s lair, would he still be able to keep his promise to free him.  Right now it seems impossible they will be able to return to Earth 2.  But going by what has happened so far in Flash Id say they will find a way…If the breaches can be created from Earth 1 theres nothing stopping Zoom from creating them from Earth 2.

Barry is not the only one acting withdrawn, so is Caitlin but her and Jay’s relationship wasnt as developed as hers and Ronnies and she got over that quite well.

Cisco has a nice line “bite my head off” which doubles a pun in this episode which has the King Shark.

With a big huge shark on the loose it seems like no one can find him, but how can anyone not see this huge monster.  Also why is Vibe not using his powers to find him, he found Reverse Flash!?  So they know as a shark he needs water so it cant be as difficult as finding some of the other meta humans.

Cisco seems a bit more wary of Caitlin as he has seen her evil version on Earth 2 so he knows she has it in her to be evil.

The Flash does a really bad job at taking on King Shark when he busts his way into the West household.  Why doe he run around King when he could have used other methods like the long run punch or lightning bolt.  Barry also tries to avoid Wally finding out he is The Flash, but from past episodes people Barry hangs out with usually find out quickly..

So the hunt for the shark continues, it takes the whole team, this ones a big fish… But wheres The Arrow?

The CGI for King shark, especially in the water chase scenes are impressive but when he nevers looks that wet, no water dripping off him or on him,  When he jumps out the water he looks dry..  Anyway, Flash leads King out to the water then encircles him to electrify him.  Seems like Flash like running round in circles.  With Shark caught Flash seems chuffed, but maybe he should be even with all the team out with him he caught him all by himself using his own tactic.

Team Flash agrees its not all over for Earth 2 and that they will find a way to go back.  Is Jay really dead?

Zoom is Jay

Well we have the big reveal at the very end of this episode which actually carries on from the end of the last episode.  I think alot of people would have got very very excited at this point, but I know The Flash Show likes to add twists so just seeing Zoom taking off his mask and seeing that he is also a “Jay Garett” just creates more questions.  We are left with three people in Zooms lair, who could all actually be Jay Garett, he must love himself!

I wasnt too impressed with a whole episode being devoted to King Shark as I see him as just a henchman of Zoom and not a character that much more significance on the storyline.  It also creates a bit too long of a wait before seeing what happens after Jay is killed by Zoom.  Maybe this wait was done deliberately to keep people guessing and on the edge of their seat until the next episode.





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