3 Grams Digital Scale Not Working?

3 Grams Digital Scale Not Working?

3 Grams is a digital scales app for Android and Windows mobile phones.  It uses the devices tilt sensors or camera to allow you to accurately weigh objects.

The accuracy however will depend on how you use and calibrate the app.

The better the calibration the more accurate the weight reading.

Also when you calibrate the app use an object that you think is close to the weight of the unknown object.

Other considerations

  • Does you device have working tilt sensors
  • Are your phones tilt sensors working correctly
  • Are you phones tilt sensors calibrated (see phones settings)

Are you balancing the device on a suitable item.  When you balance the phone and tare it it has to be in such a position that placing the item to weigh on the phone will cause a slight (not huge) shift in the tilt.  So if you place the device on a flat surface the scales will not work!

For example you can balance the phone on an unopen packet of crisps or even a big PC mouse.

You can watch the video demonstrations here to see how we balanced the phone to get accurate weight measurements.

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