BeatDrops on Windows PC

BeatDrops on Windows PC

You can now download BeatDrops on Windows PC directly from our website or selected third party freeware / shareware site.

It comes as a Windows installer, you just double click to install it.  In some cases the file may be zipped so will need to unzip the file first.

BeatDrops Beat Maker is a free music and beat creation app available on Windows, Android and iPhones.  A true cross platform music creation app.  You can read more about the features and get download links for other platforms here.

The Windows version has the advantage of letting you record from the Stereo Mix output letting you make better quality recordings.  Read more about recording your beats on diferent platforms here.

Also on the windows version you have a larger display, you can also import ogg samples from your PC!

Please note BeatDrops Beat Maker is free to download and use however you may to pay to unlock some features such recording.  All purchases are made securely using Paypal.

Download Links:

Authors Website:

download pro scales app

Third Party Sites:

BeatDrops Beat Maker on

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