What iPhone Tricks and Hacks You Should Know About

What iPhone Tricks and Hacks You Should Know About

The iPhone packs a ton of best features, but you can make it even more strong by unlocking the iPhone tricks and hacks hiding in your smartphone. There are 100s of these secret specs, but here are our picks for the best iPhone tricks.

Turn on a notification light

Some smartphones have notifications light, so even if your Smartphone was on silent and a near table, you can view if you have notifications waiting. iPhone does not have this spec… except that they do! Go to settings> General> Accessibility and look for LED Flash for Alerts on this display. Tap the choice and turn it on, and now the camera LED will light up when you have alerts. It is not customisable for different alerts or anything, but it does the work.

Add sites to your home screen

If you have sites you visit all the time, or even website applications you use for work or fun, it might be handy to have them accessible right from your Home display. Go to a site in Safari, tap the share key, then tap “Add to Home Screen”. There will now be a fresh application on your home screen that, when tapped, opens safari in a new tab straight to that website.

Convert videos to GIF

There are lots of applications that can perform this, but you can make a snappy built-in tool, using the shortcuts application. The best news is that you would not need to make this yourself, search the gallery for Video to GIF, and include it to your library. When you pick it, it shows your videos, and you can pick one to trim it to the length you want, then turn it into a social-ready GIF.

Maximise your battery life

iphone tricks battery life hacks

You can check your battery usage on your iOS gadgets to view your own behaviour could better things.

Apple lets you view which of your applications are using up the most battery on your gadget.

  • Go to settings> Battery.
  • Scroll down the page to the area that shows the last twenty-four hours, and the last four days.

Here you will view details about which applications used the most battery. Apple also provides advice and insights to help you keep battery life in the section above.

Make text smaller or bigger

Actually, while we are in the accessibility choices, look for the option known as “Larger Text” and tap it. There is a slider at the base of the display you can use to make standard text in iOS larger, or little, in case you have eagle eyes and want to fit as many lines of your emails on-display as possible. As you move the slider, the text showed further up the display will present you the effect instantly.

Quick-delete in the calculator app 

iphone tricks calculator hack

If you use the calculator application a lot, you might like this handy and famous time-saving trick.

The calculator application, like true-world calculators, does not have a delete key, which can be annoying if you have just typed out a long number and made an error right at the end.

Luckily, you can swipe across the number in the black place at the top – right or left, it does not matter, and for each swipe, one digit will be removed from the end of the figure.

Search music by lyrics 

Just open the music application and type in the words in the search field.

It should work even if you do not have all the words, but the longer the phrase the type in the more likely it will provide you the right outcome.

You can also ask Siri the same question without writing anything.

iPhone Tricks for spying on someone…

Did you know you can use your iPhone like a real spy device to eaves drop on conversations or monitoring. Read more here.

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We hope these iPhone tricks and hacks help you to have an overall better experience while using your devices.

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