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Batman V Superman 2016 – Short Animation

This is a short fun animation based on the 2016 movie Batman V Superman! Well its not following the movie story, its just a fan made animated movie! Well really if you are a Batman fan you may not be too happy with the ending…but I wont spoil it, il … Read more

Batman gets blinded by Superman’s laser rays. Beat that batman!

Batman V Superman… Batman gets blinded by Superman’s laser rays. Beat that batman!   Download the image: ‪#‎BatmanVSuperman‬‪#‎SuperHeroes‬‪#‎TheFightIsOn‬‪#‎BringItOn‬‪#‎Rizbit‬ RATE THIS PICTURE: If you are looking for some of the best viral and trending videos on the internet right now head over to Top 10 viral website Read more

Knock Knock, Who’s There, Batman, Batman Who?

Batman is a very old comic book character invented by Bob Kane for DC Comics in 1939. But since then he has been re-invented, portrayed as good and bad and played by many different actors.  Each of these actors had different suits and style.  Each also played Bruce Wayne in … Read more

X-files Season 7 [Blu-ray]

buy now $19.96 In the enthralling seventh season of The X-Files, Scully must put her faith in the Cigarette-Smoking Man, in hopes that doing so will bring her knowledge about the cure for all human disease. Mulder finally learns the truth about the disappearance of his sister Samantha. But … Read more

Hrithik Roshan and Bradley Cooper Doppelgängers

Hrithik Roshan and Bradley Cooper are two great actors in two quite different entertainment industries.  Hrithik has starred in many movies in Bollywood noteable movies like Krishh , Dhoom 2 and Bang Bang.  He is more of an exclusive actor who unlike his counterparts will not have pushed out 10 … Read more

Batman Versus DareDevil

Batman Versus DareDevil   With the new movie, Batman V Superman out this month on the 25th its the big fight every fan has been dying to watch! But when I see Ben Affleck as the new Batman in the official trailer I ask myself does he really suit the … Read more